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Seizing the opportunity and going beyond self---a report on the national dealer conference 2015 of BEIJING KYO-NICHI TODAI FOODS CO.,LTD.

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On the occasion of the NPC&CPPCC sessions, a Kyo-Nichi dealer conference was held at the Beijing factory of Beijing Kyo-Nichi Todai Foods Co., Ltd on March 16, attended by over 80 famous dealers from all over the country. 

Distribution is a technique and an art. President of Kyo-Nichi Group Shiro Masayama shared with dealers his understanding of, insights into and takeaways from distribution over the past four decades. From Taiwan to Japan and back to China, Shiro Masayama distribution portfolio is growing, thanks to only one recipe: regarding food safety as the lifeline.

Product sales are a direct measure of business growth. General manager Hiroshi Masayama talked about the overall development of Kyo-Nichi and pointed out the direction that calls for greater efforts.

In 2014, when Chinese economy was at the stage of corporatization and rectification, showing a trend of slow growth as a whole, the sales of certain dealers of Kyo-Nichi decreased from the last year’s level, but the total sales remained growing steadily, especially when Kyo-Nichi provided more technical services to its dealers and customers, which totaled 36 sessions, in a continued effort to contribute to food safety in China.

In the critical period of full and deeper reform in China, how to adapt to the big picture of reform as soon as practical? How to increase productivity among the tidal waves of economic reform?These are undoubtedly questions worth deep thoughts of every company. Kyo-Nichi has found its unique approach and made science-based and reasonable plans for 2015. Li Pinchuan, assistant general manager of Kyo-Nichi, made a market analysis of the bakery industry 2015, affirming that Kyo-Nichi is ready for transformation in terms of quality, management and brand as the bakery industry is in dire need of transformation along with the gradual improvement of China’s market economy. in 2015, Kyo-Nichi will work on three aspects of product development, technical services and brand marketing. On the basis of existing 15 types of red bean fillings, it will continue to develop new products and improve the existing varieties, continue to provide science-based technical services to dealers across the country and call upon dealers to change their brand marketing strategies and focus on promoting one brand for the same product category deeper for maximum product value.

The year 2015 is an important period for China’s full and deep reform, also a critical year for Kyo-Nichi and its dealers across the country to improve quality and increase benefits. The growth momentum of the country, the situation of industrial restructuring and the trends of technological change have become driving forces behind the company’s efforts to adapt and change. Faced with these favorable factors and national economic landscape, Kyo-Nichi held a national dealer conference, demonstrating Kyo-Nichi people’s commitments to pushing their limits.